Jerseyman Island has an interesting history. In use by the Mi'Kmaq for thousands of years, the first Europeans began arriving in the area in the early 1500's, involved in the cod fishery.


Though named Isle 'a Pichot by the French, after the Acadian Expulsions of 1755-56 and the fall of Louisbourg, just 80 miles up the coast, in 1758, the island was briefly renamed Darny Island by the British, and eventually Jerseyman Island, after traders from the Isle of Jersey established the first North American branch of the Robin Company on the island in 1764.


In 1775, during the American Revolution against the British, the Robin stores on Jerseyman were attacked and burned by American Privateer John Paul Jones. The stores were rebuilt on Isle Madame, trade continued to increase, and for a period of time, Arichat was the busiest port in Nova Scotia.


The Jerseyman Lighthouse was first lit in 1872 and was manned until 1978. The light tower still stands on the north point of the island.



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